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The Leader Letter – Keeping you connected! – July 2014

Welcome to the Leader Letter, a monthly e-publication offering practical information to help our club leaders stay connected and promote educational growth, increase membership and keep informed on district news. 

 The Voice of Radiant Rhetoric Toastmasters Club 
Producing a newsletter is one of the primary club duties for a vice president public relations, and serving as editor counts as credit for the 10th project of the Competent Leadership manual. As a review, Toastmasters International states that a club newsletter serves three key purposes:

  • Document and publicize current events.
  • Inform with educational material.
  • Provide visitors with take-home information.

When these goals are satisfied, a newsletter provides a lot of information to readers. However, I feel that newsletters serve many other purposes, including:

  • Connecting new members with the club.
  • Encouraging communication among members.
  • Recognizing members’ accomplishments through published stories.
  • Inspiring all members to participate further in the Toastmasters program.

Finally, the overarching purpose of a club newsletter is:

  • To help the club to achieve its mission and vision.

Welcome to the first issue of The Leader Letter for the 2014-2015 program year at Toastmasters International Radiant Rhetoric club.

RRclub_Newsletter 07.2014

Fantastic season opening with the officers team complete!

President Orlando Selenu;
Vice President Education Luminita Butuc;
Vice President Public Relations Katia Burdet;
Treasurer Sara Iuliano;
Vice President Membership & Sergent at Arms Gonzalo Alcaraz;
Secretary Monica Melniciuc;
IT Support Federico Pisanu.


Enjoy discovering Toastmasters International through our club newsletter!