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What is an IceBreaker speech?

Katia’s Ice Breaker… from when I was 3 years old!

Happy Birthday to you …

Good evening Dears, the first birthday that I remember, when I was 3 years old: the 20th of February 1984. An extraordinary day because I remember me on a table with a big cake in front of ME and other delicious food such as pizza and chips. I was in my living room with many of my family: my mum Maria, my dad Giancarlo, my uncle Tony my sisters Elena and Mary and others. There was a little mountain of presents for me but in particular all the attention was ON me. SO PERFECT, because I love parties and delicious food, I love presents, honestly, I like receiving but also giving presents, I love especially being AT the centre OF ATTENTION.

BEING AT THE CENTER OF ATTENTION is key in my MOST VIVID memories full of emotion and I’ll tell you two or three on them: Firstly, my skating PERFORMANCE. I trained in skating, my passion, for 8 years and every Contest was a great event for me because I was alone in the rink to dance. I had chosen my “body” I mean the costume, the song, and the elements of my exercise for months. All my family was there for me and at the end, I was so happy to receive my trophy – I was the centre of attention.
The second event was The day of my GRADUATION, I felt SO GOOD. I HAD studied a lot and I HAD created a method to evaluate THE industrial district, and I had shown it to the world, my family and others. Again, I was the centre of attention. I graduated in Management at Polytechnic of Turin, now I’m working as Project Manager in Purchasing sector and I like my job.
Finally, I HAVE TO TALK about MY Toastmasters experience, where I can BE on the stage UNINTERRUPTED, talking about myself, my passion and my project. There are many events that I remember VIVIDLY: my tenth speech, my workshop in Turin,.. my speech in Great Falls Club Montana USA. It was during my birthday with my Toastmasters International Family. I could plan speech about my speech why not? EACH TIME, I WAS AT THE CENTER OF ATTENTION
Probably I’m missing something…. Dear friend I was missing the most important thing: the WISH. When I blew OUT the candle I askED for A FAMILY with two children. And here I am with a beautiful husband Marco and two daughters Chiara and Giorgia. They now are all my life, this is another story WHERE I’M NOT THE ONE IN CENTER, for me the most beautiful story, THAT I’ll tell you in ANOTHER speech.

[RISE&SHINE] Meeting#36>>2nd Dicember 15<<19:15

Fellow RR TM and dear guests,

Thank you for attending tonight the #36 meeting of our club!

Radiant Rhetoric is an active club on territory from July 1st, 2014 and today, after 1year and 5 moths we are happy that we become bigger and we hope to charter asap.

+7 members joined officially and let’s welcome them!!! -> Alessandra,  Antonia,  Daniele,  Dora,  Federico,  Tommaso,  Valentina.

Let’s RISE and SHINE!!

Acronyms and metaphors, I love them both.

You can also use metaphors in your speeches to create powerful image that will stay engraved in the memories of your audience. I like to call Toastmasters an eye in the storm, a quiet spot in the midst of a turmoil, a safe yet challenging playground where we can learn and grow.

Acronyms are abbreviations formed from the initial letters or other words and pronounced as a word: ASAP, AKA, VIP, VALE (remembering the Valentina’s Ice Breaker speech). Sometimes it’s hard to recall what the letters stand for: SCUBA, LASER, NASA. Acronyms can also be used to remember a message more easily:  SMART, KISS.

Throughout the 15,400 Toastmasters clubs with more than 332,000 members in 135 countries, we cherish our core values Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence, RISE for short.

Eight of these countries, with seven different languages and 207 clubs, to date, from our District 59. We belong to the most successful and most diverse districts in the world.

And we grow, within the District, but there are also new countries applying to join. This year will be prepared the inclusion of Greece and created a Vision 2020 for Continental Europe.

Keywords for the 2015-2016 District 59 Toastmasters year are streamlined quality (meetings, trainings and leadership), retention and sustainable growth, cooperation and exchange, visibility and continuity.

However, missions and goals will only come alive if the people who are working on them enjoy what they’re doing and learning, support each other and care.

That’s why our moto this year combines RISE and SHINE: Supporting a Happy, Inspiring Network of Engaged Toastmasters!

Let’s make it a fantastic Toastmasters year, let’s RISE and SHINE!

Congratulations to Dora & Valentina for the Success Communication & Success Leadership award for completing their speechcraft projects.

I’d like to thank also our visitors & friends that came: Andrea, Emanuela, Franklin, Giovanni, Giuseppe,  Monica.

Here you can learn more about www.toastmasters.org and here about our club www.radiant-rhetoric.org or http://radiantrhetoric.tmclub.eu

Ask us further information:



See you next meeting on December 16th, before Christmas holidays, same place, same hour 19:15!!!