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What our guests say about us: an interview with Mark

RR Toastmasters club dinner after meeting_20150423                                                Fellow Toastmasters, guests and readers,

Here are some thoughts about Radiant Rhetoric Toastmasters club that Marco – one of our guests, shared with me after the 23rd of April meeting. He agreed to be interviewed and gave me the right to publish it and here the result:

Lumi: Who are you and why you are here?
Marco: My name is Mark Barn, I am a mechanical engineer, I am 22, and I was very curious about this club.
L: How did you find about us?
M: I was in Shanghai last year. There was a friend of mine with whom I was studying Chinese, but she is from Korea and she was working for Samsung. Meanwhile she was doing an MBA in Shanghai, plus she was making this activity with Toastmasters Shanghai, and she told me about this kind of a club activity.
That time I didn’t give that much consideration to this, but some months ago I thought about this “stuff” and I asked her: “What was the name of the public speaking activity you’re doing in Shanghai, maybe I can found it in another places around the world?!?”. And she guided me to look for Toastmasters on the internet and I found a club – Toastmasters Torino. So, I went there, but what I was looking was an English club. My objectives are oriented to international work community at an international level in which I will use the English language also. Their club is great, the meeting was amazing, and I understood how the activity work, but as I said previously I wanted to attend an English club, so I found out that there is something that suits my orientation which is Radiant Rhetoric Toastmasters club.
L: Before coming here you attended a meeting at Toastmasters Torino?
M: Yes. They were very happy, I showed my interest regarding the activity. They are bilingual and they supported me. It was good, but I also wanted to have a look here because you’re the only English club, definitely more suitable for me. So, here I am. I came to visit you!
L: We’re an uncharted club, it means that we are growing and we intend to reach at least 20 members. Would you like to join us?
M: The club is great! The activity is very interesting and the location is amazing, all in a professional kind mood. I love the education you give to people and that you are very friendly. It’s true that you don’t have a big audience, still you’re growing. I really had good feeling!
L: What are your expectations toward the club?
M: I know I can work on the communication skills here, competence that I need now and for my future, at work as with my friends, in all the areas of my life. There are many guests. For me was innovative what you’ve done tonight. This is a great possibility to grow and to become a competent communicator. And yes, your club is fresh.
L: Thank you for your time, Marco and welcome!
M: Thank you all!

I can confirm to you that Marco’s story made me understood better that our thoughts today become our reality tomorrow.
If we are confident in our ability to be successful, we will achieve our goals and success will follow. Let us work together in the pursuit of excellence, for the benefit of our communities. Let’s grow Radiant Rhetoric Toastmasters club. By becoming effective as communicators in society, we will create a better world.

Thank you for your commitment, dedication and courage in serving one another in Toastmasters, where leaders are made.