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“Back to Class” – 9TH SEPTEMBER 2015

This is an old post – just recently posted!!

Our first meeting back was titled “Back to Class” to put us on a parallel with schools restarting all over Europe. We started as if we had never left – two great speeches, 8 table topics and evaluations, with six guests, of which 3 were first timers.


Of course unlike school, at Toastmasters the year can start at any time, with our self-paced program we are always ready for you to start.


Stefano kicked us of as the Toastmaster of the evening energizing us for the start of the year.

Gonzalo spoke from the “Special Occasion Speeches” advanced manual paying tribute to his father, talking of his father’s humility, his curiosity and his endless energy – three key attributes of great public speakers. At the end of the speech, we all wanted to meet him – it’s unfortunate he is so far away, and doesn’t speak English.

Keith spoke from the “Storytelling” advanced manual, telling us a story about Sir Winston Churchill, one of the greatest public speakers of all time. It turns out that he wasn’t always like that, he had speech impediments and there was one time in 1909 where he lost his words in parliament and stayed silent for 3 minutes. His skill came from hard work and preparation – something that is a lesson for all of us.


Lumi followed with a great Table topics session giving us some challenges to tell a story, whilst using some specific words. Many of our guests tried their hand and did very well.


Orlando finished up by leading the Evaluation sessions; firstly evaluating the speeches, then the “umms & Ahs” and the timings. A little time for a quick snack afterwards before saying goodbye until next time- at the T.A.G. – The Talent Garden, Via Carlo Allioni, Torino.

[Living, Loving, Learning] Meeting#46>>11th May 16<<19:15

Intro: work in progress

Transition: While preparing for Toastmasters evening: calling my mentee Daniele and serving in helping him with the 5th CC project objectives; writing messages to Alessandra, whom I supposed to evaluate during the meeting, here arrives in my inbox “The most welcomed and most enduring piece of daily mass e-mail in cyberspace” as The New York Times defines A.Word.A.Day and what I like the most, besides the word of the day, in this beautiful project of Anu Garg,

<The higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. Right at the top, if you make enough of them, it’s considered to be your style. -Fred Astaire, dancer, actor, singer, musician, and choreographer (10 May 1899-1987)>

And today, after the meeting, I want to share how unpredictable life unfolds and how many mistakes we are doing while Living, Loving, Learning.
2 years ago, nici-nu-ma-gandeam it did not came in my mind, even for a second, how larger and multicultural and great and radiant can become what we (Fred, Keith, Monica, Gonzalo, myself) ambitioned for our club at that very moment.

a) what we ambitioned…

b) what we have… 24 members + 1 to be voted next club meeting

c) what we achieved… Keith triple crown, Orlando CC, CL is doing second time the CC, Gonzalo CC, CL, myself CC CL,

d) what are the challenges 17 members, 3 of them arrived at the 6th project, the path is long, not enough mentors, asking other club to mentor our member..why not?


All because of the persons with whom we decide to share “Living, Loving, Learning” during a simple Toastmasters meeting, the platform to become a better communicator and leader.

[20@Carnival] Meeting#40>>10th February 16<<19:15

What an amazing Carnival evening we had last meeting!!
As decided previously each of us wore a “hat” as set in the agenda.

Our senses enjoyed three speeches from the Competent Communication (CC) manual: we felt the Unity of Italy in Antonia’s Ice breaker “Where do you come from?”. Good luck in this CC path!
Afterward, we heard and saw two very well prepared speeches from the same 4th
How to say it project. The specific objectives to attain by  Gabriele & Alessandra were: to be as clear as water, to use a structure for words and sentences, to enhance and to emphasize ideas with the help of rhetorical devices where grammar is the queen in her home.
Gabriele, father of two, husband of one, maker of many things accomplished the objectives in his “Vigorous Vibrations” speech. What an amazing alliteration he used as a title!!!
And Alessandra’s speech, “Rational Illusion”, increased the audience’s understanding related to economic decisions made by human mind. She was inspired from an International Best Seller written by Daniel Kahneman – a
renowned psychologist and winner of Nobel Prize in Economics.

I have added this book to my must read list.
The cognitive mystery is still to be discovered. 😉

Thank you to all prepared speakers, you achieved the objectives! Keep moving forward!!

During the evening we had even the Battle of the Oranges, that Lumi started in order to involve the guests and members into the Table Topic session. The allegory of it was one of improvisation standing in anothers clothes: of a nun in Rio, of the Radiant Rhetoric president etc.

As Toastmasters, we are accustomed to clapping for other members after they give a speech, evaluation or Table Topic. We believe that it’s important to acknowledge our fellow members for the accomplishments, big and small, that they’ve made along their journey of self-improvement in leadership, communication, public speaking, growing the club.

A round of applause to all of you!!! Here we are:

20 Radiants after 40 meetings:
3.Monica M.
16.Federico B.
Please welcome the four musketeers that took us to chartering !!!
19.Monica A.
20.Federico P.
We are the Founders of the Radiant Rhetoric Toastmasters club in  Torino.

IMG-20160212-WA0003Joining Toastmasters is one of your best life decision. Toastmaster is a global organization providing a fantastic environment to develop Public Speaking and Leadership skills. Your friends deserves to know about it!

Here you can learn more about and here about our club or

Ask us further information:

Because we act with Integrity, Respect for the individual, Service to the member, dedication to Excellence.

See you next meeting on February 24th, same place, same hour!!!


Next meetings, and a new meeting day!

Old and new Friends,

from June 2015, we are going to shift our meeting day from Thursday to Wednesday because we want to catch the opportunity to meet other clubs in the surroundings of Torino.

So our next meeting will be:

  • 27th of May, Election Day, at Area Cafè, via Sant’Anselmo
  • 28th of May, Toastmasters Meeting @ Talent Garden Torino
  • 10th of June, Toastmasters Meeting @ Talent Garden Torino
  • 23th of June, Toastmasters Meeting @ Talent Garden Torino

We are waiting… for you!

Charming eloquence was not built in a day

“We learn best in moments of enjoyment”, said our founder, Richard Smedley in 1924. And I still believe in it. Tomorrow, in Milan our club will join other 3 clubs to have a Speech Marathon. The organizer Xplorers Milan is one of the oldest clubs in Italy (the second in chronological order if I remember well) and it is full of kind people!

Milan, the city of fashion, they say. Milan, the financial capital of Italy, they say. According to the actual concentration of the Toastmasters Clubs, Milan is the TM capital of Italy, I would say! Corporate clubs, English club, bilingual clubs, all is in Milan!

So tomorrow me and Stefano, our newest member, are going to join the other clubs of the north-western part of Italy in this special event! A full half-day of speeches and mutual evaluations, it is a great chance to improve our listening skills!

I am sure we will practise our speeches through the journey! Let’s take some inspiration from here!

…and let’s have some fun!

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A great celebration

While many Toastmasters become excellent public speakers, this is not the purpose of the program. The purpose of Toastmasters is to help all its members help themselves by learning to speak effectively, and with confidence at any time and under any circumstance.
Executive Director 1958-1967, Maurice Forley

I would like to start this post with the Maurice Forley words. Competent words of confidence. I always wonder what was in the Ralph Smedley mind 90 years ago when he founded Toastmasters International. It was a precious seed towards the future by a visionary man, but I wonder if he knew.

90 years ahead… we had a huge cake for a great celebration with this wonderful theme: confidence through public speaking. About 15 smiling guests and a lot of fellow Toastmasters joined us in the Special Event. We hope to see you again!

We inspire each other to move beyond whatever is holding us back.
What’s holding you back? Be a personal or professional, large or small, we must first believe that we can, and Toastmasters can instil that belief in us if we let in.
International President 2008-2009 Jana Barnhill, DTM

Radiant Rhetorics meets Cool Languages

In a warm evening of late September, our club happily joined a radiant meeting in Turin called Cool Languages.

The initiative started from an original idea of Amor Ben, traveler, mother, dreamer, who was a distinguished guest of Radiant Rhetoric in the middle meeting of July. Then our Vice Presidents, Education and Public Relations, Lumi and Katia, carried the flag of a joint meeting towards this nice context.

There were about fifty smiling people, and it was a really useful meeting. Our biggest features are often our biggest obstacles.

English public speaking in Torino Cool Languages Area cafè 24 September 2014

To really overcome you public speaking fear you need time and a leap of faith to trust. You need to understand yourself, your emotions, and how these emotions can be used to your own advantage. And you need trust towards the others, trust towards the audience, trust towards the unknown strangers.

You have to take your time to understand and to clarify yourself. In the meanwhile, you know the members of the club. And this is the main obstacle. It happens a lot of times that you are good because you overcome your fear of strangers, and not your fear of public speaking.

So events like these are necessary, because you can really speak in front of a unknown public.

Thank you, Amor. Thank you, Cool Languages.

Two thoughts for a dinner table topic

I took these suggestions from one of our VPE Facebook posts.

* Fear of public speaking is also a fertile source of psychological suffering elsewhere in life.

So we could use a topic like “describe me when you overcame your fear and then you won something”.

* Make your point loud and clear without saying a word.

 Body language is critical.

Empowering members empowering guests

Yesterday we had the distinguished honor to have two guests at our meeting: Domenico and Maria Teresa.

Domenico studied political sciences in Turin, and Maria Teresa works in the information retrieval field. Both of them very interesting topics to me, so I can’t wait to discover what kind of speeches they can deliver through their voices!

Domenico and Maria Teresa have been involved in the brightest timed evening ever. A great achievement for our club.

Small steps, always forward.

The next meeting will be the 31st of July, 2014. It will be the last one before the usual Italian summer vacation. Lombroso16 is a very nice meeting place. Maybe not as professional as many of us would like, but it is very comfortable to reach from the Porta Nuova and Porta Susa Railway Stations, in the middle of San Salvario neighborhood. We will meet at the bar right there at 19:00, and then we will move into the working room.

Sharing is caring, so feel free share this information.

My people perish from a lack of knowledge

“My people perish from a lack of knowledge”, says the Hosea book in the Bible. That’s a possibility we often prefer not to consider because it is very dramatic and definitive.

At Radiant Rhetoric, we try to provide knowledge and inspiration to every meeting participant in a full supportive way.

As I usually say: you will never know when something will turn out to be useful. And the last Saturday we went to Superga to have an extraordinary day of public speaking, tripping and… exchanging ideas. We were so extra lucky to meet two nice guys from Holland. We hope to meet them again!

Language is a way to discover new worlds, and without a language you cannot communicate anything, obviously. Even sharing a lunch is a way to discover new worlds and communicate each other. To me, sharing a lunch with another interesting human is always a very good way to communicate.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to everyone that was there, in any way.

Gonzalo explains to Orlando the benefits to have a proper timing

Gonzalo explains to Orlando the benefits to having a proper timing