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…and we made it!

Even if I cannot still figure it out… we made it! We are a CLUB! An official chartered club! ūüėÄ

As a Past President, I would like to thank everyone involved, even if I am almost sure I am going to forget someone.

Our location staff, Talent Garden Torino, who believed in our group and in the social value of our program. I have always believed Italy needs Toastmasters and Toastmasters needs Italy. I am happy we are doing something real towards this goal.

Our founding members and everyone who decided to come aboard, trusting us and believing in our vision. Friendship is a powerful tool to progress towards excellence.

So… do you want to see a REAL Toastmasters club?¬†Join us on 24th of February!

On the verge of a cliff

How do you count your successes? Are they countable? Do you prefer quality versus quantity? As a Past President of our club, I have spent the whole last eighteen months trying to charter it. And I have always preferred quality versus quantity.


Toastmasters International enforces chartering rules: we need¬†twenty¬†members to be a regular club.¬†And it is a reasonable rule! The smallest amount of people to achieve the feeling of a real club! The typical amount of people in a classroom! The right size for your collaborators’ circle!


We began our marathon several weeks ago. 18 months are about 72 weeks. This is a long marathon, not a short track. This club is a challenge and gift, all in one, for everyone involved in it. A challenge because it is not easy to look yourself in the mirror, and decide that you want to make some progress. A gift because nobody could forecast the benefits of this continuous learning process.


We have just one more month to reach the quota of twenty members, or the club will be dismissed. We just need a couple of active members to fulfill this quota. So… this club is actually on the verge of a cliff. We have never been so close to success and to fail at the same time.¬†I think this is a pattern of success.

Will we ASCEND to the firmament of clubs?¬†…or will we DIVE into the ocean of unreached goals?¬†Soon we all will discover it.

To conclude…

Once again, this club gives me excitement and chills and curiosity for tomorrow. And curiosity is my main reason to wake up every morning.

Speechcraft! (part 3 of 4)

This is the third part of the four parts of the official Toastmasters Speechcraft workshop! The Speechcraft program allows experienced Toastmasters to present the fundamentals of public speaking to non-members. This workshop will be an integral part of our next club meetings. It will be conducted in four sessions during the meetings.

In the first meeting, we spoke about how to select your topics. In the second meeting, we showed you how to organise your speech. In this third meeting, we will teach you GENERAL AND SPECIFIC PURPOSE of your speeches!

Toastmasters is fun and education in public speaking and leadership. All in English.

This is free for guests – just let us know you are coming so that we can prepare a place for you. For the printed manuals, and the possibility to rehearse your speeches in front of an audience we ask the non-members for a contribution of 40 euros.

Please join us the 11th of November at Talent Garden Torino! We will gather at 19.15 and we will begin our meeting at 19.45. We plan to finish at 21.35.

Further information about our SPEECHCRAFT workshop:

Speechcraft! (part 2 of 4)

The first part of the Speechcraft workshop was a huge success! Next time we will show you how to organise your speeches, and we will hear the first 7 ice breakers! It is going to be a blast!

Just like whole 2015, we will be at Talent Garden Torino, just near Piazza Statuto!

We look forward to seeing you the 28th of October 2015!

Speechcraft! (part 1 of 4)

We are getting ready to start speechcraft Рa 4 session workshop to begin speaking in public.

We will be at Talent Garden Torino, just near Piazza Statuto!

We hope you can join us tomorrow, 14th of October 2015!

A smile towards the future

The summer is over, but we will never stop to raise our chin and look over the horizon.

— quote from Baden Powell


Next meetings, and a new meeting day!

Old and new Friends,

from June 2015, we are going to shift our meeting day from Thursday to Wednesday because we want to catch the opportunity to meet other clubs in the surroundings of Torino.

So our next meeting will be:

  • 27th of May, Election Day, at Area Caf√®, via Sant’Anselmo
  • 28th of May, Toastmasters Meeting @ Talent Garden Torino
  • 10th of June, Toastmasters Meeting @¬†Talent Garden Torino
  • 23th of June,¬†Toastmasters Meeting¬†@¬†Talent Garden Torino

We are waiting… for you!

Charming eloquence was not built in a day

“We learn best in moments of enjoyment”, said our founder, Richard Smedley in 1924. And I still believe in it. Tomorrow, in Milan our club will join other 3 clubs to have a Speech Marathon. The organizer Xplorers Milan¬†is one of the oldest clubs in Italy (the second in chronological order if I remember well) and it is full of kind people!

Milan, the city of fashion, they say. Milan, the financial capital of Italy, they say. According to the actual concentration of the Toastmasters Clubs, Milan is the TM capital of Italy, I would say! Corporate clubs, English club, bilingual clubs, all is in Milan!

So tomorrow me and Stefano, our newest member, are going to join the other clubs of the north-western part of Italy in this special event! A full half-day of speeches and mutual evaluations, it is a great chance to improve our listening skills!

I am sure we will practise our speeches through the journey! Let’s take some inspiration from here!

…and let’s have some fun!

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Sixth italian conference (aka First Division conference)

Toastmasters Italy 2014 Autumn Conference, Division G District 59.

A great celebration

While many Toastmasters become excellent public speakers, this is not the purpose of the program. The purpose of Toastmasters is to help all its members help themselves by learning to speak effectively, and with confidence at any time and under any circumstance.
Executive Director 1958-1967, Maurice Forley

I would like to start this post with the Maurice Forley words. Competent words of confidence. I always wonder what was in the Ralph Smedley mind 90 years ago when he founded Toastmasters International. It was a precious seed towards the future by a visionary man, but I wonder if he knew.

90 years ahead… we had a huge cake for a great celebration with this wonderful theme: confidence through public speaking. About 15 smiling guests and a lot of fellow Toastmasters joined us in the Special Event. We hope to see you again!

We inspire each other to move beyond whatever is holding us back.
What’s holding you back? Be a personal or professional, large or small, we must first believe that we can, and Toastmasters can instil that belief in us if we let in.
International President 2008-2009 Jana Barnhill, DTM