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What is an IceBreaker speech?

Katia’s Ice Breaker… from when I was 3 years old!

Happy Birthday to you …

Good evening Dears, the first birthday that I remember, when I was 3 years old: the 20th of February 1984. An extraordinary day because I remember me on a table with a big cake in front of ME and other delicious food such as pizza and chips. I was in my living room with many of my family: my mum Maria, my dad Giancarlo, my uncle Tony my sisters Elena and Mary and others. There was a little mountain of presents for me but in particular all the attention was ON me. SO PERFECT, because I love parties and delicious food, I love presents, honestly, I like receiving but also giving presents, I love especially being AT the centre OF ATTENTION.

BEING AT THE CENTER OF ATTENTION is key in my MOST VIVID memories full of emotion and I’ll tell you two or three on them: Firstly, my skating PERFORMANCE. I trained in skating, my passion, for 8 years and every Contest was a great event for me because I was alone in the rink to dance. I had chosen my “body” I mean the costume, the song, and the elements of my exercise for months. All my family was there for me and at the end, I was so happy to receive my trophy – I was the centre of attention.
The second event was The day of my GRADUATION, I felt SO GOOD. I HAD studied a lot and I HAD created a method to evaluate THE industrial district, and I had shown it to the world, my family and others. Again, I was the centre of attention. I graduated in Management at Polytechnic of Turin, now I’m working as Project Manager in Purchasing sector and I like my job.
Finally, I HAVE TO TALK about MY Toastmasters experience, where I can BE on the stage UNINTERRUPTED, talking about myself, my passion and my project. There are many events that I remember VIVIDLY: my tenth speech, my workshop in Turin,.. my speech in Great Falls Club Montana USA. It was during my birthday with my Toastmasters International Family. I could plan speech about my speech why not? EACH TIME, I WAS AT THE CENTER OF ATTENTION
Probably I’m missing something…. Dear friend I was missing the most important thing: the WISH. When I blew OUT the candle I askED for A FAMILY with two children. And here I am with a beautiful husband Marco and two daughters Chiara and Giorgia. They now are all my life, this is another story WHERE I’M NOT THE ONE IN CENTER, for me the most beautiful story, THAT I’ll tell you in ANOTHER speech.


Thanksgiving Day has been an annual holiday in the United States since 1863.

Not everyone sees Thanksgiving Day as a cause for celebration. Each year since 1970, a group of Native Americans and their supporters have staged a protest for a National Day of Mourning at Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day. There are claims that the first Thanksgiving Day was held in the city of El Paso, Texas in 1598. Another early event was held in 1619 in the Virginia Colony. Many people trace the origins of the modern Thanksgiving Day to the harvest celebration that the Pilgrims held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. However, their first true Thanksgiving was in 1623, when they gave thanks for rain that ended a drought. These early Thanksgivings took the form of a special church service, rather than a feast. In the second half of the 1600s, thanksgivings after the harvest became more common and started to become annual events. However, it was celebrated on different days in different communities and in some places there were more than one Thanksgiving each year. George Washington, the first president of the United States, proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day in 1789.

Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a day for families and friends to get together for a special meal,  it’s a time for many people to give thanks for what they have.


As  members, we have many reasons for gratitude. Some of them:

Thank you Toastmasters for making accessible to such a large amount of people the vital skill of communication. A word of better communicators is a more democratic, inspiring interesting world.

Thank you, Toastmasters to give me the opportunity to do the wrong thing, to receive feedback, to develop myself  and others. To communicate my feelings, my opinion, my world.                                                                                                      Katia

Thank you, Radiant Rhetoric Toastmasters fellows! Thanks for your votary, attitude, friendship, and happiness.                                                                     Monica

I would like to thank Toastmasters for giving me the possibility to improve the message I want to give with the amazing tools of public speaking.        Gonzalo 

I am thankful that Toastmasters has gone Global and arrived also to me! People I met great people who are supportive of one another and want to see each other grow & develop into better leaders and communicators. I’m thankful to make mistakes & learn from them in a less pressured environment.                       Luminita


Join Radiant Rhetoric and discover your confidence


Interviewing for jobs?
Giving a business presentation?
Leading a seminar?
Need confidence?


Toastmasters will help you to:

  • Speak and present compellingly
  • Think quickly and clearly
  • Become a strong leader
  • Listen effectively

You will learn these skills and more in a
supportive, self-paced, fun atmosphere.

We meet every second Thursday of the month.

DO you want learn more?
Send me an email:
or call me: 347 1054858

90th Anniversary

Toastmasters International’s 90th anniversary is an important milestone in our organization’s history.  It’s an exciting opportunity  to host a special history-themed meeting for our community! The anniversary celebration launches this month, because the official date is 22nd October 2014.

You can’t lose this important event to know Radiant Rhetoric Toastmasters Club, the only one English  in Turin that want to practice public speaking !  A special occasion to know Toastmasters style and a very exciting meeting for celebrate its birthday!

The AGENDA consists of 3 sessions:

  1. Prepared speeches: More members gives speeches  based on projects from Toastmasters manuals. Speeches cover topics such as speech organization, humor, voice, language, gestures and persuasion
  2. Impromptu speeches: Members and guests have the opportunity to give one-to two minute impromptu speeches about announced topics – Table Topic
  3. Constructive evaluations: Every speakers is assigned an evaluator who points out speech strengths and suggestions for improvement. Peer evaluation is essential to the success of the Toastmasters program. It gives members the confidence to progress one step at a time toward becoming the speakers and leaders they want to be.

We are going to finish with a soft party with networking and light buffet!

Open to all interested persons, English only, all levels!

Book your seat for the Anniversary meeting on Eventbrite.

Like us on

Follow us on info@radiant-rhetoric.org90

October 24, 2014 79pm : 90th Anniversary of Toastmasters at TAG Via Carlo Allioni 3, 10122 Torino

Communication and leadership meeting! Special event to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Toastmasters International

The Leader Letter October 2014




Happy 90th Birthday Toastmasters International!

The first official Toastmasters meeting was held in October 1924 in Santa Ana, California. Why not celebrate the organization’s milestone with a themed club meeting devoted to Toastmasters’ history? Check out the 90th Anniversarywebpage for fun resources to use throughout the anniversary year.

Planning a Speech Contest?

Ensure your contest is a success and contestants are eligible to compete by using the most up-to-date documents. Download the latest speech contest materials for free, and consider purchasing and presenting awards to celebrate contest winners’ accomplishments.

Speech Contest Rulebook Update

New versions of the Speech Contest Rulebook will now coincide with the Toastmasters program year. The next version goes into effect July 1, 2015, and the 2014 version is valid until then. The rulebook will be included in the May club officer mailing; clubs will not receive one in October, as was done previously.

Coming Soon: The New

Stay tuned for announcements on the debut of our new, sleek website. The redesign will provide easier navigation, interactive multimedia, a resource library and a new online store.

New Accredited Speaker

Congratulations Barbara Khozam of Escondido, California, for achieving the Accredited Speakerdesignation at the International Convention in August. Accredited Speaker is an elite designation signifying mastery of professional speaking techniques. Applications for the 2015 program will be accepted between January 1 and February 1.

Read the Toastmaster Magazine on Your Tablet

Get instant access to the magazine on your iPad, Android or Kindle Fire tablet today to enjoy interactive extras such as videos and photos. Download the free app from the Apple, Google Play or Amazon app stores.


Happy 90th Birthday Toastmasters International!

Our club will organize a special event in Lombroso 16 next 24th October 2014. The evening will celebrate the history and the excellent values of Toastmasters. In this occasion important Corporate as E&Y, Loreal, CNH, will be invited.

A delicious aperitif will be offered to guests and members. More details will be available on our site and others channel.


During September our club happily joined a radiant meeting in Turin called Cool Languages.

The initiative started from an original idea of Amor Ben, traveler, mother, dreamer, whom was a distinguished guest of Radiant Rhetoric in the middle meeting of July. There were about fifty smiling people, and it was a really useful meeting. We will organize a new one very early.


The Official location is TAG Talent Garden Torino Via Carlo Allioni 3 10122 Torino. We started on last Thursday and we are going to meet there on the 13th November.


Has Your Club Submitted Dues?

Your club can still earn Distinguished Club credit if you submit renewal dues through the Toastmasters website by October 10. Simply log in to Club Central and follow these steps:

  • Click on your club name and number.
  • Under Conduct Club Business, click “Pay dues.”
  • Select “in the future” and click “Submit.” All orders with a future membership end date will appear.
  • To submit payments, select the appropriate members and follow the prompts.

District Conferences Begin This Month

Do you know the mission of the district is to build new clubs and support existing clubs in achieving excellence? Attend a conference to get involved beyond your club, network with like-minded peers and gain valuable tips for your personal and professional development. Visit yourdistrict’s website for conference details.

Achieve an Award in October, Get a Free Decal

All eligible members who achieve an education award before the end of the month will receive a 90th anniversary decal with their certificate or plaque. Put it on your car to promote Toastmasters! Additional decals can be purchased at

Promote Your Club with a Banner

Impress guests and give members a sense of pride with this customizable banner.

October special: Receive a 10-percent discount when you use promo code BANNER at checkout.


VPPRs and PROs: Gain Attention with a News Release

The news release is one of the most important tools a vice president public relations (VPPR) or public relations officer (PRO) can use to generate publicity for a club or district. The PR Corneroffers sample news releases to help you gain media interest, spotlight a member or advertise an event. Be sure to include Toastmasters’ current boilerplate (a summary of the organization) at the end of every news release. The boilerplate is updated annually to reflect the latest membership statistics and should not be customized.


District Treasurers: The Quarter One Treasurer’s Report Is Due

Please submit your Quarter 1 Treasurer’s Report to World Headquarters by October 31. To meet this deadline, complete these steps: (1) Enter all financial transactions through September 30 into the district accounting system; (2) reconcile bank accounts for each month through September 30; (3) notify World Headquarters to close the books; and (4) email the completed Monthly Narratives and Certification spreadsheet to

Area Governors: Conduct an Effective Club Visit

Help your clubs grow and maintain quality through club visits. UseServing Clubs Through Visits: A Guide for Area Governors to navigate the varied environments you’ll encounter during your visits. Your support affects the future of clubs in your area and empowers club officers to help members achieve their goals.

Bookmark the Form Library Webpage

The Form Library links to the various forms and manuals district leaders need throughout the year, including the Area Governor’s Club Visit Report and the District Leadership Handbook.

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Honor Corporate Club Sponsors

District leaders, help your corporate clubs honor their sponsoring organizations with a Toastmasters corporate recognition award. Read the Guide to Corporate Visits for details. To ensure timely delivery of your recognition items, allow at least four weeks for processing and shipping.

The Leader Letter September 2014

Welcome to the second issue of The Leader Letter for the 2014-2015 program year at Toastmasters International.


Congratulations to the New World Champion of Public Speaking!

The 2014 title was awarded to Dananjaya Hettiarachchi from Nawala Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka, with his winning speech, “I See Something.” Watch video clips from Mr. Hettiarachchi’s speech. Second- and third-place winners were, respectively, Kwong Yue Yang from Guangzhou, China, with his speech, “Four Words” and Kelly Sargeant from Houston, Texas, with her speech, “Good Bye Wi-Fi.” View the full list of finalists at

Watch Convention Events Online

Did you miss the 2014 International Convention? Or do you want to experience it all again? Sign up for Toastmasters On Demand, an easy-to-use website where you can pay to watch convention events instantly on any device with Internet. You can also buy a DVD of the World Championship of Public Speaking from the site.

Coming Soon: The New

The sleek, updated website will soon be ready for members to explore. The redesign will provide easier navigation, interactive multimedia, a resource library and a new online store. Stay tuned for updates.

Celebrate Toastmasters’ 90th Anniversary

In October, pay tribute to the rich history and legacy of Toastmasters International and celebrate in your club or district. Bookmark to access fun resources and check it throughout the year for updates.

Meet Our New Board Members

New Board members were elected for the 2014-2015 term at the 2014 Annual Business Meeting.


Thank you Sara

Sara, our Treasurer, is moving to another city for work and all of us want to say thank to Sara for her fantastic job in Toastmasters up to now. I’d like to quote Lumi’s words: You are a priceless member, a pragmatic Excomm and an honest friend.

Next Appointments

Dear members,  Keith Sheldrake, our Area Governor has already planned a Demo meeting in Avio on the 17th of October at 1.00 o’clock PM. Good luck to Keith to create a new Corporate Club!

21-23 November, 2014 The first Toastmasters Conference of the new District 59 will take place in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, this fall 2014! Don’t forget your registration:

24 September, 2014 The first Radiant Rhetoric & Cool-Languages Meeting! We will meet at Via Sant’Anselmo, 2, 10125 Torino at 7.30 PM to share languages and passion playing a multicultural Table Topic.

Radiant Rhetoric season begins the 9 of October in Talent Garden, Via Allione 3, at 7.30 PM.

Radiant Rhetoric will meet each second and fourth Thursday of the month.

Division News

Silvio Rossi is the first PR coordinator for Italy Division G. My congratulation to Silvio for this big opportunity.

Dermot Murphy, District PRO, has launched a PR campaign called Let’s Promote Toastmasters which you will discover more about on the District 59 website at .

Don’t forget that there is a wealth of information on PR on the official Toastmasters International website at .

All recent news are published on our web site :


Submit Dues Renewals Online

Club officers: Please submit dues renewals through Club Central by October 15.


Guest Packets Make a Great First Impression

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Make Your Team Exceptional

As a leader, you have an extraordinary opportunity to build a strong team. The article “What Makes an Exceptional Team?” can help you build and manage a successful group.

Seeking International Officers and Directors

Toastmasters International relies on strong leaders who have the ability and foresight to support and grow our organization. If you are interested in becoming an international officer or director, consult the International  Officer and Director Candidates and Board of Directors Handbook to learn more about the attributes required for a successful Board member.


District Treasurer: Is Your Year-end Audit Report Filed?

The 2013-2014 Year-end Audit Report and supporting documents were due August 31. If you have not submitted them to World Headquarters, please do so. Send your questions to

Meet Program Requirements by September 30

Ensure that your district is eligible for the Distinguished District Program. Complete the Division and Area Governors Training Report and District Success Plan, and submit them through District Central by September 30.

Submit Your District Budget

District treasurers, your 2014-2015 district budget is due to World Headquarters by September 30. Download the updated annual budget template from the District Finance Corner and review Webinar 5: Managing Budgets to learn how to complete the spreadsheet template. Please email your budget to Submit questions to

Apply Now to Become a Region Advisor

The region advisor is instrumental in helping districts grow by providing marketing support, coaching, mentoring and training. If you are interested in becoming a region advisor, or would like to learn more, visit the region advisor information webpage. Applications for the 2015-2016 program year are due by September 30.

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As you know, the district nominating committee is responsible for nominating candidates for district office. District governors, please appoint a nominating committee chair no later than October 1 and the remaining committee members by November 1.


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Purchase or Design Conference Supplies

Consider purchasing branded supplies for your October/November conference from the Toastmasters Online Store. This Grow Your District with a Club Extension Chair

Your district can assign a club extension chair to assist the district governor and lieutenant governor marketing with new club leads. A club extension chair is a great resource to help your district contact leads in a timely manner. To request this additional support, send an email to After your request is received, lead information will be forwarded to your district governor, lieutenant governor marketing and club extension chair.

Purchase or Design Conference Supplies

Consider purchasing branded supplies for your October/November conference from the Toastmasters Online Store. This flier illustrates the range of customizable products available. If you plan to design a unique item, please follow the trademark and brand guidelines outlined in the Brand Portal and Brand Manual, and complete the Trademark Use Request Form.illustrates the range of customizable products available. If you plan to design a unique item, please follow the trademark and brand guidelines outlined in the Brand Portal and Brand Manual, and complete the Trademark Use Request Form.

The importance of Public Speaking for kids

As Toastmaster I really think that public speaking and effective communication is very important. Learning how to become an effective public speaker can be the key difference between success and failure in your life at home, at work and in your own community!As an adult if you still have the fear of speaking in front of people, then you need to make sure your child does not have this fear. Equip your child with life skills to be able to stand up and speak with confidence, poise and skill. Once they have developed this skill, it will stay with them for the rest of their life. Remember effective communication skills means you can impress your boss, make more sales, deliver a great speech, move up in your company and the world opens up to you when you can get your point across on your feet.Parents continue to make the biggest mistake of focusing on developing only the academics, and spending tons of monies on other hobbies like playing the piano, singing, dancing, and karate; yet never realize how critical building confidence, developing communication and effective public speaking skills are to a child. Of course academics and all these other extracurricular activities are important but if you think public speaking is important only in obscure or abstract ways, it’s time to think again.There are several reasons why public speaking is so critical and why it is so important to equip and train your child to be an effective communicator and public speaker.

  • By learning how to effectively speak in public, you’ll be able to increase your own self-confidence. Since public speaking is one of the most prevalent fears in the western world, by enabling yourself to master this difficult skill you’ll have the confidence that you need to meet and greet future challenges.
  • Public speaking regularly (and well) helps to make you more comfortable around other people, including strangers. Once you’re capable of greeting and instructing an entire room full of strangers (or at least most of them strangers), it’ll be nothing to smile and shake hands and meet new individuals in more personal and less threatening circumstances.
  • Public speaking will help fine-tune your everyday verbal and non-verbal communication skills. This is especially true for people who spend a great deal of time working with the written word, and have forgotten how to properly vocalize their messages to get their points across best.
  • For obvious reasons, the ability to dive into public speaking and related communication skills are a big WINNER among prospective employers, and are also a great way to snag that promotion you’ve been awaiting for such a long time. Public speaking ability is a true career booster. In fact, both undergraduate and graduate Business school alumni who attended the University placed oral communication at the top of a list of skills that were relevant to overall job success.
  • Using public speaking effectively will allow you to make a difference in your business, community and perhaps even the world. By sharing your information with others, you’re better able to increase the impact of your hopes, dreams, desires and goals for your life and the world around you.
  • Because by the time you’ve learned to embody the importance of public speaking, you’ll have learned another key principle. We can better persuade people when we are able to appeal to them as human beings that have emotions, desires and thoughts just like we do. This is the difference between distinguishing between simple an audience of bosses, employees or clients and transforming them in your mind into people with real problems, hopes, fears, dreams and desires.
  • The skills you’ll develop by learning the art of public speaking can boost your performance and value in just about any arena – home, office or life at large.
  • Learning to master public speaking early is a great way for students to perform better in college, as well as offer them greater opportunities to be accepted into their top choice schools.

As a mother I can’t waiting for a Toastmasters opened to kids!


Youth Leadership Program

Think of the successful leaders you know. They probably have one trait in common – the ability to communicate effectively.

Kids need the Youth Leadership program so they can grow to meet the challenges of adulthood and leadership successfully. Sponsored and conducted by Toastmasters International and its local clubs, Youth Leadership helps young people build their communication and LEADERSHIP SKILLS so they may become tomorrow’s leaders in business, industry and the community.

Purpose of the Program
Every young person has the potential to become a good communicator and leader, but this potential needs to be developed. The program’s unique eight-session, workshop-style design enables participants to develop this potential through practical experience.

The program is not in competition with school programs or courses, or other established youth projects. Instead, it’s a supplement to these programs, providing emphasis on specialized speaking and LEADERSHIP SKILLS, and individual needs. Participants learn to:

  • Overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience.
  • Organize and present ideas logically and convincingly.
  • Listen carefully to others’ ideas.
  • Offer advice to help others improve their speaking andLEADERSHIP SKILLS.
  • Participate in – and even lead – group discussion or meetings.

Participants increase their self-confidence as they learn. They also make new friends and have fun. Toastmasters is an enjoyable learning experience!

The Participants
Each Youth Leadership program group is limited to 15 to 20 people, with a maximum of 25. That way, each person receives individual attention and has the opportunity to get practical experience. Participants for the program are selected by the sponsoring Toastmasters club or by a cooperating organization (such as their school). The program is not an award to honor those who already have become leaders. It’s designed for the much larger group who are still working on communication skills. Participants are selected for what they can become, not for what they already have done. Often teenagers want the course as a supplement to their high school education, or to prepare for college.

The Sponsors
A local Toastmasters club serves as sponsor and provides the experienced leaders needed to present the program. These adults are patient and understanding; they remember their own struggles with youthful issues and work well with kids as a result.

The adult with overall responsibility for the program is the coordinator. He or she works closely with any cooperating organization and attends each meeting, conducting most of the training and counseling participants. The coordinator has an assistant who conducts discussions and substitutes for the coordinator, should he or she be unable to attend a meeting.

How it Works
The program is presented in eight sessions during or after school, or on weekends. Each session usually lasts one to two hours. Activities taking place in the sessions include the following:

  • Evaluation of present speaking ability
  • Discussion of chairmanship principles
  • Presentation of speeches
  • Impromptu talks
  • Group evaluation
  • Discussion of speech organization
  • Discussion and practice in listening
  • Discussion of gestures in speaking
  • Discussion of voice and vocabulary
  • Exercise in chairmanship

There is usually no cost to participants for tuition or materials. The materials used in the program are produced by Toastmasters International and are provided by the sponsoring Toastmasters club, which orders them from Toastmasters World Headquarters for a small fee.

Generally, meetings follow a format similar to that of a Toastmasters club meeting. There is an announced agenda and participants learn and practice parliamentary procedure during each meeting. Lecturing is minimal, but discussion is held during each session. Participants, working from a handbook, select officers who preside over the meetings. The remaining class members are assigned other duties on a rotating basis, so everyone is actively involved. Participants also deliver short impromptu and prepared speeches. In every meeting, participants learn to apply the principles of listening, thinking and speaking.

How to Start a Program
Youth Leadership may be conducted for scout troops, 4-H clubs, church youth groups and many other organizations, and for young people in the community. However, all programs must be presented by a Toastmasters club, following the guidelines in the Youth Leadership Coordinator’s Guide (Item 802). Clubs may order coordinator’s guides and Youth Leadership Participant’s Notebooks (Item 805) from World Headquarters.

E-mail to learn more about the Youth Leadership program.

Clubs conduct the program on a voluntary basis. Find a nearby club that may want to conduct a program for your organization.

Live Superga with Toastmasters – Saturday, 19 July 2014

Brochure Live Superga July 2014 event

The Ice Breaker

The Ice Breaker

Last time, we have seen the Ice breaker of Monica!  Thanks Monica and Congratulation for your  path opening!

This event was really emotional  because  today we know more about the speaker!

In your ICE BREAKER you will introduce yourself to your fellow club members and give them some information about your background, interests and ambitions.

The sound of self-confidence

Only for you, here it is my Ice breaker , held on May 10, 2012

Good morning Toastmasters and dear guests.

Let me introduce my little story about Australia trip and why it is so important and representative of myself. I received my business assignment before Easter 2010, just two weeks to do my luggage, to prepare passport and thinking…

What was my main preoccupation? The english..or better If I say Australian of course. You have already seen Mister Crocodile dundee. Don’t you? Crocodile Dundee is a 1988 Australian adventure and comedy film. Actors Paul Hogan and as Mick Dundee. Directed and produced by John Cornell ; Written by Paul Hogan; Music by Peter Best;Distributed by Paramount Pictures ; Budget $15,800,000;Box office $239,606,210

…so which is the most famous expression? G’day MATE.  It means Good morning dear friend. Thanks .. thanks a lot Paul Hogan, without you I couldn’t understand G’day MATE.

First day in my new activity. I went to my office and Andrew that was a colleague that gave me a handshake and He said: “aingoin” ( ARE YOU GOING?)

And I replied: “Well my name is katia..from Italy. Well I did a egg my face. After few day I understood than after “aingoing” I was supposed to say “I’m fine thanks and you”. During the first month I felt like a dog.. i didn’t know the words but I recognized the sounds …as a pet..”ah ah ah.. fine thanks”.

And I remember how was difficult to pronounce AREA, without that my friend could have understood HAIR. Again how many times I have repeated kangaroo ….it was never the correct pronunciation.. Any way, after several months the sound “aingoin” became my confort zone.

From when I have came back to Italy, I can say that I’m more self- confident thanks to my Australian experience,  also because if  I  have survived to the Country, I think that I can be quiet in Italy. For this reason that period was so important.. I tried the sound of self-confidence. And now Here I am, in Toastmasters. It’s my intention to improve english and improve the pubblic speaking.  From this moment I play by ear.

Thank you.

How to Survive Your Ice Breaker

Come in from the cold

You’ve attended a few Toastmasters meetings and you’ve seen others give their speeches. Perhaps you’ve noticed that some speakers are smooth, polished and experienced, while others struggle at a beginner’s level. Now it’s time for you to stand up and give your Ice Breaker speech. Just thinking about it gives you nightmares. Rest assured, you’re not alone!

No matter what skills you possess as a speaker, you’re probably going to find it a little stressful to speak for the first time in front of all these relative strangers. And because you know you’ll be evaluated as a part of the experience, it can be a frightening few moments of your life. What can you do to conquer your fear and sail through your first speech with fun and focus? Here are some quick tips:

  • Write out your speech in advance. At least, write down some notes so you can check your organization and make sure all important facts are included.
  • Don’t try to memorize the entire speech. Though you’ll only speak for less than six minutes, once you stand in front of the crowd, it may seem much longer. Trying to remember everything while under that kind of stress is asking too much of any first timer.
  • Use notes, but avoid too many note cards. Cards can slip from your fingers or fall out of order at the wrong moment. They’re not easy to handle when you’re nervous. One long sheet with large print, or one large card with brightly-colored bullet points to jog your memory, will serve you better.
  • Remember that all your listeners have stood where you stand now. They can all relate to any nervousness you may be experiencing. Try to think of your audience as your new friends. See their smiles and pause once in a while during your speech to make eye contact with them.
  • Remember that this speech is merely a way for you to introduce yourself. Pick three or four important things you’d like your fellow Toastmasters to learn about you and make those your speech. If you speak on something that you’re passionate about, you won’t run out of words. So, talk about an exciting adventure from your past, your hopes, your dreams and maybe your favorite hobby. What defines you? Talk about it.

Your evaluator is required to find some advice to offer, so try to take it in the spirit in which it’s being offered. Everyone in a Toastmasters meeting is there to help everyone else. So, each person gives and gets advice from time to time. It’s your choice whether or not to follow any advice you’re given, but if the evaluator is a much more experienced speaker, you should probably at least consider it. See the “Additional Resources” section, below, for more tips on reducing nervousness and perfecting a speech.

Don’t forget to take a breath when you stand up at the lectern. Say hello to everyone…and begin!