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“Back to Class” – 9TH SEPTEMBER 2015

This is an old post – just recently posted!!

Our first meeting back was titled “Back to Class” to put us on a parallel with schools restarting all over Europe. We started as if we had never left – two great speeches, 8 table topics and evaluations, with six guests, of which 3 were first timers.


Of course unlike school, at Toastmasters the year can start at any time, with our self-paced program we are always ready for you to start.


Stefano kicked us of as the Toastmaster of the evening energizing us for the start of the year.

Gonzalo spoke from the “Special Occasion Speeches” advanced manual paying tribute to his father, talking of his father’s humility, his curiosity and his endless energy – three key attributes of great public speakers. At the end of the speech, we all wanted to meet him – it’s unfortunate he is so far away, and doesn’t speak English.

Keith spoke from the “Storytelling” advanced manual, telling us a story about Sir Winston Churchill, one of the greatest public speakers of all time. It turns out that he wasn’t always like that, he had speech impediments and there was one time in 1909 where he lost his words in parliament and stayed silent for 3 minutes. His skill came from hard work and preparation – something that is a lesson for all of us.


Lumi followed with a great Table topics session giving us some challenges to tell a story, whilst using some specific words. Many of our guests tried their hand and did very well.


Orlando finished up by leading the Evaluation sessions; firstly evaluating the speeches, then the “umms & Ahs” and the timings. A little time for a quick snack afterwards before saying goodbye until next time- at the T.A.G. – The Talent Garden, Via Carlo Allioni, Torino.

[Living, Loving, Learning] Meeting#46>>11th May 16<<19:15

Intro: work in progress

Transition: While preparing for Toastmasters evening: calling my mentee Daniele and serving in helping him with the 5th CC project objectives; writing messages to Alessandra, whom I supposed to evaluate during the meeting, here arrives in my inbox “The most welcomed and most enduring piece of daily mass e-mail in cyberspace” as The New York Times defines A.Word.A.Day and what I like the most, besides the word of the day, in this beautiful project of Anu Garg,

<The higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. Right at the top, if you make enough of them, it’s considered to be your style. -Fred Astaire, dancer, actor, singer, musician, and choreographer (10 May 1899-1987)>

And today, after the meeting, I want to share how unpredictable life unfolds and how many mistakes we are doing while Living, Loving, Learning.
2 years ago, nici-nu-ma-gandeam it did not came in my mind, even for a second, how larger and multicultural and great and radiant can become what we (Fred, Keith, Monica, Gonzalo, myself) ambitioned for our club at that very moment.

a) what we ambitioned…

b) what we have… 24 members + 1 to be voted next club meeting

c) what we achieved… Keith triple crown, Orlando CC, CL is doing second time the CC, Gonzalo CC, CL, myself CC CL,

d) what are the challenges 17 members, 3 of them arrived at the 6th project, the path is long, not enough mentors, asking other club to mentor our member..why not?


All because of the persons with whom we decide to share “Living, Loving, Learning” during a simple Toastmasters meeting, the platform to become a better communicator and leader.