On the verge of a cliff

How do you count your successes? Are they countable? Do you prefer quality versus quantity? As a Past President of our club, I have spent the whole last eighteen months trying to charter it. And I have always preferred quality versus quantity.


Toastmasters International enforces chartering rules: we need twenty members to be a regular club. And it is a reasonable rule! The smallest amount of people to achieve the feeling of a real club! The typical amount of people in a classroom! The right size for your collaborators’ circle!


We began our marathon several weeks ago. 18 months are about 72 weeks. This is a long marathon, not a short track. This club is a challenge and gift, all in one, for everyone involved in it. A challenge because it is not easy to look yourself in the mirror, and decide that you want to make some progress. A gift because nobody could forecast the benefits of this continuous learning process.


We have just one more month to reach the quota of twenty members, or the club will be dismissed. We just need a couple of active members to fulfill this quota. So… this club is actually on the verge of a cliff. We have never been so close to success and to fail at the same time. I think this is a pattern of success.

Will we ASCEND to the firmament of clubs? …or will we DIVE into the ocean of unreached goals? Soon we all will discover it.

To conclude…

Once again, this club gives me excitement and chills and curiosity for tomorrow. And curiosity is my main reason to wake up every morning.

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