Charming eloquence was not built in a day

“We learn best in moments of enjoyment”, said our founder, Richard Smedley in 1924. And I still believe in it. Tomorrow, in Milan our club will join other 3 clubs to have a Speech Marathon. The organizer Xplorers Milan is one of the oldest clubs in Italy (the second in chronological order if I remember well) and it is full of kind people!

Milan, the city of fashion, they say. Milan, the financial capital of Italy, they say. According to the actual concentration of the Toastmasters Clubs, Milan is the TM capital of Italy, I would say! Corporate clubs, English club, bilingual clubs, all is in Milan!

So tomorrow me and Stefano, our newest member, are going to join the other clubs of the north-western part of Italy in this special event! A full half-day of speeches and mutual evaluations, it is a great chance to improve our listening skills!

I am sure we will practise our speeches through the journey! Let’s take some inspiration from here!

…and let’s have some fun!

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