A great celebration

While many Toastmasters become excellent public speakers, this is not the purpose of the program. The purpose of Toastmasters is to help all its members help themselves by learning to speak effectively, and with confidence at any time and under any circumstance.
Executive Director 1958-1967, Maurice Forley

I would like to start this post with the Maurice Forley words. Competent words of confidence. I always wonder what was in the Ralph Smedley mind 90 years ago when he founded Toastmasters International. It was a precious seed towards the future by a visionary man, but I wonder if he knew.

90 years ahead… we had a huge cake for a great celebration with this wonderful theme: confidence through public speaking. About 15 smiling guests and a lot of fellow Toastmasters joined us in the Special Event. We hope to see you again!

We inspire each other to move beyond whatever is holding us back.
What’s holding you back? Be a personal or professional, large or small, we must first believe that we can, and Toastmasters can instil that belief in us if we let in.
International President 2008-2009 Jana Barnhill, DTM

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