Join Radiant Rhetoric and discover your confidence


Interviewing for jobs?
Giving a business presentation?
Leading a seminar?
Need confidence?


Toastmasters will help you to:

  • Speak and present compellingly
  • Think quickly and clearly
  • Become a strong leader
  • Listen effectively

You will learn these skills and more in a
supportive, self-paced, fun atmosphere.

We meet every second Thursday of the month.

DO you want learn more?
Send me an email:
or call me: 347 1054858

2 responses to “Join Radiant Rhetoric and discover your confidence

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  2. Hey Here I am :-), after two years I read this article and I can confirm the content again!

    My story in Toastmasters was born on 2011, and after a pause of two years I decide to come back. Why? For the reason that I mentioned in this article.
    Of course the great power of Toastmasters is that: ” You start with a need and find out a universe of values, human resourses, ways to see and to do things!

    Thank you very much for last event because my Toastmasters story was born again!

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